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1. Product Purchase Policy

ScintiTech, Inc. engages into business with customers via contract and purchase order. Unless otherwise specified in an executed contract, a purchase order (PO) is considered accepted when a customer receives an order confirmation notice via e-mail, fax or postal mail stating that production has been started on the purchase order (usually within 24 to 48 hours).

ScintiTech understands that business conditions may change. ScintiTech may, at our discretion, allow a purchase order to be cancelled pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

Manufacture period: the "manufacture period" is the time stated for delivery of product to customer as stated in contract or purchase order.

ScintiTech will charge a purchase order cancellation fee to recoup its production expenses. The cancellation fee will be computed according to the following schedule:

1. If a purchase order cancellation request is received within 48 hours from the time when order confirmation is sent by ScintiTech, no cancellation fee will be assessed.

2. If 25% of the manufacture period has passed, a 20% order cancellation fee will be assessed.

3. If 50% of the manufacture period has passed, a 30% order cancellation fee will be assessed.

4. If 75% of the manufacture period has passed, a 70% order cancellation fee will be assessed.

5. If 90% of the manufacture period has passed, a 100% order cancellation fee will be assessed.

Raw scintillation materials cannot be shipped or returned in any circumstance. Manufactured unused assembly parts can be shipped to a customer (customer must pay for shipping) upon request or may be used to receive credit against a future similar order. Manufactured unused assembly parts will not receive any credit against an existing order. This decision will be made on a case by case basis (opened scintillation materials will not receive future order credit). If manufactured unused assembly parts are left in the possession of ScintiTech, the cancellation fee can be credited towards future similar orders within 90 days from the notice of order cancellation. All manufactured unused assembly parts left in the possession of ScintiTech will become the property of ScintiTech on the 91st day following a notice of order cancellation.

2. Product Return Policy

At ScintiTech we aim to deliver the highest quality product in the industry. We back up our quality with our ironclad performance guarantee and generous return policy. If you experience a problem, we'll work with you to make it right.

If the product arrives in damaged packaging, the customer must inform ScintiTech promptly and within 24 hours after receipt. The customer must also fill out and submit a "Damaged Product Received" form to ScintiTech.

ScintiTech bears no responsibility for product damaged during shipping; all claims must be filed with the carrier/shipping company.

The customer is entitled to five (5) business days from receipt of the product for visual inspection, and ten (10) business days for testing and performance verification. If the delivered product fails either visual inspection or testing and performance verification, the product can be returned for replacement or a full refund.

We custom manufacture special packaging to protect our product in transit. Product returned for any reason must be returned in the original packaging as provided by ScintiTech. Product returned without its original packaging will not be accepted under any circumstances.
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