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Plastic Scincillators
Plastic scintillators are a solid solution of luminophors (luminescent additives), in a transparent polymer (polystyrene (PST)).

Many characteristics of plastic scintillation materials (light output, transparency to own emission, decay time, radiation resistance) can be varied by changing their composition.

Polystyrene-based scintillators
Scintillators with a polystyrene matrix are used to detect alfa-, beta, and gamma- radiation, and fast neutrons.

Plastic scintillators are prepared by bulk polymerization in aluminium (size up to 3.5 m) or glass cast and by pressure molding technique.

By varying the composition, we can produce:
fast plastic scintillation material: decay time from 0.9 to 0.5 ns, light output 55-50% of anthracene;
plastic scintillation material having the slow decay component: decay time from 300 to 400 ns, light output 45-40% of anthracene;
radiation hard plastics (UPS-92RH with dia.16x10 мм has 50 % of the initial light output after irradiation at 18 МRad);
plastic scintillation material of elevated radiation resistance;
scintillation polystyrene with the light scattering additive;
scintillation material for dosimetry;
scintillation polystyrene containing soluted organic compounds of heavy elements (Pb -12%, Sn -10%).

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PropertiesPolystyrene (PST)
Density [g/cm3]1.06
Refractive index1.06
Absorption coefficient [cm-1]0.01-0.003
Softening temperature [K]355-360
Wavelength of emission maximum [nm]430
Light output [% of anthracene]56
H/C ratio1.0
Decay time [ns]2-3

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Selector Guide for Plastic Scintillators

ScintillatorsImportant propertiesApplications comments
UPS-89, UPS-923A, UPS-90, UPS-96Very high light output, good transparency, short decay timeGeneral purpose, particle detection
UPS-92SSlow decay timePhoswiches
UPS-91FUltra fast decay timeHigh energy physics, calorimetry
UPS-92RHRadiation hardHigh energy physics, calorimetry
UPS-96MPressure molding technique, very cheapHigh energy physics, calorimetry
UPS-976, UPS-971, UPS-972, UPS-973, UPS-974Various wavelengths of maximum emissionOperation with fiber shifters

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Physical Properties of Plastic Scintillators

ScintillatorsLight output % anthraceneWavelength of max. emiss., nmRise time, nsDecay time, nsLight attenuation length, cmAnaloges
UPS-923A604250.93.3400BC400, NE114
UPS-92S443800.9380-450350BC412, NE115
UPS-91F39-453900.70.6-0.4-PilotV, BC422Q

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