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Standard detectors with NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl) and CsI(Na) are produced in several modifications. In all cases, the scintillator is a solid cylinder, having a butt surface adjacent to the glass output window of the container.

Intended application: components of instruments for ionizing radiation measurements.

The standard detector types in serial production and scintillation crystal dimensions are given in the Table below.

All crystals are sealed in aluminium housings. Copper or stainless steel housings are available when your needs require low-background detectors.

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Standard Detectors

Detector type & NomenclatureScintillator MaterialScintillator dimensions [mm]
SDN.10NaI(Tl)18 to 3010 to 100
SDN.30NaI(Tl)10 to 20010 to 200
SDN.31NaI(Tl)10 to 15010 to 150
SDN.25CsI(Tl))10 to 20010 to 200
SDN.26CsI(Na)10 to 20010 to 200

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