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"Scintillator Crystals, Radiation Detectors & Instruments on Their Base"

by B.Grynyov, V.Pyzhikov, Jong Kyung Kim, Moosung

This monograph deals with modern problems of scintillator material science and advanced technologies for creation of small size scintillator-based detection systems for radiation instruments of different purposes. Principal scientific and technical aspects are considered for raw material synthesis and the growth of scintillator crystals, and studies of their physico-technical, luminescent and radiation parameters are described. Data are presented on the characteristics of ultra-low background spectrometric detection blocks of new generation of "scintillator-PMT" type on the basis of heavy oxide scintillators. Properties of a new type of integrated detectors of "scintillatorphotodiode" type on the basis of ZnSe(Te) crystals are described. Examples are presented of practical applications of scintillators and scintielectronic detectors in medical, inspection and industrial introscopes, small size household and professional multi-functional and emergency dosimeters, as well as radiometric and spectrometric systems.

Publisher: "Institute for Single Crystals", Kharkov Ukraine 2004

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"Inorganic Scintillators for Modern and Traditional Applications"

by M.Globus, B.Grinyov, Jong Kyung Kim

This book is concerned with inorganic scintillation crystals, which occupy a special place among scintillation materials due to their strong gamma-photon absorption and high transparency. A large volume of scintillator with good transparency provides a high detection efficiency and a broad energy range of application. The monograph covers a wide range of questions: modern methods of scintillation crystal growth, studies of their luminescent and spectrometric characteristics, ways to improve structural perfection and radiation stability, and possibilities to control the operational characteristics of radiation detection systems for modern applications in nuclear nstrumentation. The monograph contains a large amount of reference data which can be of interest to specialists in the fields of radiation material science, design and application of ionizing radiation detectors.

The monograph contains 261 figures, 87 tables, 906 bibliographical references.

Publisher: "Institute for Single Crystals", Kharkov Ukraine 2005

Price: $115.00 each delivered in the US. $135.00 each delivered Worldwide.

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